buttonfag (thiscryforhelp) wrote,

*where is the hope?*

i know i have my entries locked up... but this just has to be public... be it a notice or reminder...

it's shit like this makes me want to not be a part of this bullshit world...
the only semi-redeeming factor of the situation is that it happened 3 years ago. and my god, i hope things have gotten better.

even though... i look into my mom's eyes sometimes... and i don't see a reflection of a gay daughter. just the immense denial of it.


Sri Lanka Press Council Praises Anti-Gay Violence
Tuesday, 6 June 2000

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- Human rights advocates and women's groups reacted furiously to praise the Sri Lankan Press Council lavished on an article urging that convicted rapists should be unleashed on lesbians and branding lesbianism an act of sadism.

The Times of India reports the press council dismissed a complaint made by gay rights campaigner Sherman de Rose, who said the letter published in The Island promoted violence and hatred of lesbians.

In response to the dismissal, De Rose called the ruling "a clear indication of the strength of discrimination against gays and lesbians in this country" and said his lawyers were examining the possibility of taking the matter to court.

De Rose, executive director of the gay rights advocacy group Companions on a Journey, complained to the council that the letter published last August in The Island was published in breach of media ethics.

The five-member council instead reaffirmed sentiments expressed in the letter. "Lesbianism itself is an act of sadism and salacious. Publication of any opinion against such activities does not amount to a promotion of sadism and salacity."

Kumudini Samuel of Women and Media Collective said women's groups and human rights groups were "absolutely appalled," and Sri Lankan activists attending a United Nations parley on women's rights in New York had been informed of the council's statements. "We hope they bring it up there at a caucus on violence against women," she said.

"It is extremely offensive to have responsible people (in the press council) making statements like this, irrespective of sexual orientation," Samuel continued. "The question was did the letter incite someone to commit rape?" She said the ruling was tantamount to a hate crime.
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